“I’m proud to be partnering with Healthy Eatz LA to provide delicious nourishing meals to my clients. Whether you are local to Los Angeles or anywhere in the U.S. we can provide custom-prepared meals delivered to your door. Just heat, eat, and get healthy.”

Carrie Bonfitto, NC, BCHN

Owner, Two Hearts Nutrition

Chef Mayra Singh:

Healthy Eatz LA

Chef Mayra Singh is a local chef out of the Los Angeles Area. She spent more than 10 years working under chef Wolfgang Puck in a number of his restaurants, including Spago, Hotel Bel Air, and CUT Beverly Hills. She only uses high-quality ingredients to craft meals that you’ll crave.

Works with Carrie to create your personalized dishes

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Delivery in the LA area or Ships to anywhere in the U.S.

“These meals enhanced by performance and helped me stay in my weight class, plus, I actually wanted to eat them.” 

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Carrie Bonfitto, NC, BCHN®

Two Hearts Nutrition

Carrie Bonfitto is board-certified in holistic nutrition and has over 10 years of experience helping people feel and look better by changing their diets.  In addition to her private practice, Two Hearts Nutrition, she is the Culinary Program Manager for Bauman College. Her custom meal plans are based on scientific studies, tailored to your individualized needs and tastes, and can be thoughtfully prepared by Chef Mayra Singh at Healthy Eatz LA. 

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