Carrie's New Book

“The More You Cook, The Better You Look” is a beginner’s guide to healthy eating that teaches you how to make food choices and prepare meals that increase your energy, improve your health and love your body. It’s packed with recipes that optimize your nutrient absorption and decrease bloating.

“My happy place is in the kitchen, and yours can be, too. This is my guide to help you understand the complex world of what healthy eating really means. You’ll feel confident, see results, and make the connection between food, health, and natural beauty.” -Carrie Bonfitto.

This ebook is over 75 pages and will be available on May 30, 2020.

Pre-order for only $24.99.



START WITH A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION: During this 15 minute phone conversation we’ll talk about your health goals and the ways in which I can help you achieve them. It’s a time to get to know each other a little bit and figure out if we are a good fit. Schedule your free phone consultation here.

“I always thought that I had good eating habits, but after consulting with Carrie about my diet, she really made me think about the types of foods that I was consuming. She is enthusiastic about her profession, customizes a diet to fit the person, and can back up her suggestions with evidence.” -Alexa I.

“I was a total newcomer to this world of better eating and nutrition and naturally was a bit apprehensive at first. Carrie made this experience both enjoyable and educational. Her vast knowledge and guidance has allowed me to make better food choices which has resulted in feeling healthier, having fun in the kitchen and consistently losing 1-2 lbs per week for nearly 8 weeks now. I’m a satisfied client for sure.” -Xander S.

Learn to Eat

Do you eat for health or eat for hunger? As a nutrition counselor, I am here to help you make the connection between what you eat and how you feel.

We will work together and if desired in concert with your other health care providers to find natural ways to support, motivate, and guide you to success. Sign up for an in-person, or phone/Skype, consultation to tackle your personal health goals.

Nutrition counseling offers help and hope for every health concern, whether you want to..

  • Manage a chronic illness
  • Have fewer aches and pains in your back and joints
  • Have better digestion
  • Manage anxiety and depression
  • Conquer eating issues
  • Lose weight and rev up your metabolism
  • Increase energy and well-being

I practice Holistic Nutritional Counseling – a proven approach that considers environmental factors as well as physical ailments.  I use functional lab testing, the latest scientific research, diet journals, targeted supplements, problem-solving techniques, and whole food therapies to help you form new habits and feel better.


Is Nutrition Counseling Right for Me?  – Nutrition counseling is perfect for you if any of the following are true:

  • You prefer working one-on-one with a nutritionist
  • You have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition such as, Hashimoto’s, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Grave’s disease or celiac disease
  • You have a chronic health condition and you’d like a better way to manage symptoms (high cholesterol, cancer, asthma, IBS, migraines, PMS, or fibromyalgia.)
  • You’ve tried everything to get healthy but nothing seems to work
  • You struggle with depression or anxiety
  • You have back pain, arthritis, or other aches and pains
  • You find yourself feeling overly tired and unmotivated
  • You want to lose weight and decrease food cravings
  • You want better rest, more energy, and better moods
  • You have digestive issues such as heartburn, bloating, constipation or diarrhea
  • You want to help your child or spouse get healthier through better nutrition

I’m Ready, Now What? – Call or email me for a free consultation to discuss your goals and determine a counseling package that is right for you.

  • Before your first appointment, you will complete a health history, nutrition questionnaire, and a 5 day diet journal so I can gain an understanding of your health challenges and goals.
  • At your intake appointment, we will discuss how foods affect your health and well-being and why certain foods are important to include in your diet.
  • You will receive a personalized eating plan including recipes and suggestions for meals, snacks, and beverages.
  • We will work together to develop practical ways for you to implement a real-food approach to eating.
  • And if appropriate, will recommend high quality supplements to rebalance your biochemistry, reduce cravings, or replenish your nutrient reserves.
LET ME HELP YOU DE-STRESS IN THE KITCHEN: Cooking is the heart of nutrition and the practice of preparing meals is life changing and therapeutic.

“Carrie showed me how to eat and gave me ideas that I could use in my own daily cooking. I learned that I could eat healthy food without sacrificing my taste.” -Mary P.

Learn to Cook

Do you feel uncomfortable in the kitchen? Do you think cooking takes way too long?  Or do you already know foods you want to reduce but aren’t sure how to do it without feeling deprived?

Get personalized cooking lessons that help you with ingredient sourcing, meal ideas, and culinary skills.  I’ll teach you proper technique that chefs use to develop flavors as well as healthy cooking methods for foods so that they maintain their nutritional integrity.  I’ve developed hundreds of recipes that will convince you that healthy food is delicious and easy to make.


Private Cooking Lessons

  • Email me to schedule a customized class for you or a group in your home.

Click on the classes tab in the menu bar to see my upcoming Classes at Los Angeles Valley College. All classes are open to the public.


ALREADY HAVE A GROUP? Please contact me if you are interested in setting up an event with your group.

“Loved this information and can now change my families diet for the better.” -Jessica Z.

Learn Together

Are you part of a group that is interesting in learning more about nutrition and wellness?  Schedule a fun and informative talk, workshop or cooking demonstration for your school community organization, workplace, or private group.

Wellness Workshops:  In an interactive 4-6 class series you will learn about the benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle and get tips on making healthy choices stick.  Topics include:

  • Beyond Dieting, How to Renew Your Relationship with Food
  • Essential Eating at 65 and Beyond
  • Detoxification, How to Clean Your Body
  • Nourishing Your Family

Health Improvement Lectures:  Food is the best medicine for a multitude of health concerns.  Get tips on how to alter your diet and learn the questions you should be asking your doctor.   Topics include:

  • Heartburn & GERD
  • Diabetes & Cholesterol
  • Natural Hormone Balancing
  • Pain Management & Arthritis

Nutrition Socials:  Want to get your group talking and sharing about nutrition? Try a stand-alone class that are fun and interactive.  Topics include:

  • Making and Keeping Healthy Habits
  • Label Reading and Ingredient Choices
  • Feeding Picky Eaters/Childhood Nutrition
  • Gain Energy & Lose Weight
  • Cooking Demo & Tasting