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  • Carrie’s vast knowledge, patience and willingness to find solutions that work for me was/has been enormously helpful and comforting given my complex health issues. Having consistent, thorough and caring interaction with someone like Carrie – on both a personal and professional level – has made a world of difference in my approach to and attitude towards my health challenges.

    Melissa Krehbiel

  • I always thought that I had good eating habits, but after consulting with Carrie about my diet, she really made me think about the types of foods that I was consuming. She has provided me with a lot of education about nutrient rich meals, snacks, and beverages, and I am much more conscious of the food that I eat. We have recently expanded our family, and she has also provided great advice on the best nutrition for our infant. She is enthusiastic about her profession, customizes a diet to fit the person, and can back up her suggestions with evidence.

    Alexa Igoe

  • Working with Carrie has been a pleasure. I was a total newcomer to this world of better eating and nutrition, and naturally was a bit apprehensive at first. However, Carrie made this experience both enjoyable and educational. Her vast knowledge and guidance has allowed me to make better food choices which has resulted in feeling healthier, having fun in the kitchen and consistently losing 1-2 lbs per week for nearly 8 weeks now. I’m a satisfied client for sure.

    Xander Smith

  • After years searching on my own for effective strategies to address my unique diet needs, it was tremendously empowering to work with Carrie on a thoughtful and comprehensive nutrition plan. Her warm nature, impressive expertise, and dedication to sharing the most current dietary research, gave me the knowledge and confidence to positively redefine my health and improve my overall sense of well-being.

    George Shore

  • I feel empowered to just make one change at a time and don’t feel like I need to overhaul my family’s entire way of eating.

    Rachel D.

  • Since I started the class, I’m able (and brave enough) to cook for me and other people – and it gets way better every time. It’s fun for me to cook!

    Natalie A.